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Maggie Kottmann

Maggie Kottmann

Maggie Kottmann has a large European clientele, many of whom share a similar design strategy. Back home, their primary residence slants toward the conservative, but in Miami they want fun design choices that represent a different lifestyle from what they have back home. Because of this outlook, Kottmann finds that these second and third homeowners approach interior design in a relaxed state and are very willing to explore.

Kottmann arrived in Miami to pursue her education and liked it so much that she decided to stay and develop her career. At first, Kottmann worked for a couple of companies, including Roche Bobois where she was the manager. While there, Kottmann learned about furniture and eventually headed the residential design division. The experience taught her that it was interior design that she loved and Kottmann decided to venture out on her own. She has now been in business for almost 30 years.

Kottmann starts each project with a client profile to gain knowledge of the property and client. According to Kottmann, the process is about creating an interior in conjunction with the client and focusing in on what they have to feature in their life.

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