Ornare Presents: Design Talk

Soto Interiors takes a personal approach

Jessica Garcell and Javier Soto have known each other for a lifetime, at least Garcell’s lifetime. Her parents were subcontractors of Soto’s when she was a child. Now the duo are business partners and work off of one another in charming fashion.

Given the age difference, they refer to their dynamic as “old school” meets “new school”, which comes in handy in this world of social media and online research and purchasing. Soto hangs on to many of the professional protocols that have kept him in business for more than 20 years; while Garcell’s infusion of new blood and process has enhanced these protocols, and the operation as a whole.

They work together to personalize their projects for their client’s needs and feel they share that approach with Ornare. Both companies pay attention to the most precise details creating long-lasting relationships with their clientele.

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