Ornare Presents: Design Talk

Jaya Kader Zebede dives into theory

Brazil has more to celebrate than the World Cup as Ornare, the luxury closet and kitchen manufacturer located in the Miami Design District, hosted four of Miami’s top names in the architectural, interior design and construction community for a little one-on-one with SocialMiami.

Jaya Kader Zebede

Included in this latest round of Design Talk interviews are: Nikki Baron, Baron Design Studio; Helene, Hollub, Hollub Homes; Jaya Kader Zebede, KZ Architecture; and Sabrina Vela and Osirys Mendez, Mendez Vela Design.

In this edition, we discuss theory with Jaya Kader Zebede. The Harvard educated architect heads up KZ Architecture located at the Iron Side campus. An enlightened woman, Zebede is on a constant quest for knowledge and brings this passion to her creative process.

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