Ornare Presents Design Talk

Britto Charette

David Charette and Jay Britto

“There is no question that Miami is going to be a top four city,” said David Charette of Britto Charette.

He believes that with the city’s emphasis on art and the new, creative way in which Miami is approaching urban planning, the Magic City is competing head on with New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Britto Charette understands the demand for global luxury and modern design that emanates warmth and comfort. They pride themselves on juxtaposing classic design with modern interiors by local and international sources, the latest trends in global fashion, and emerging technologies.

Charette, with partner Jay Britto, share information continuously. Charette claims that they agree on 95 percent of things and always manage to come to a compromise for the remaining five percent.

Depending on the client, the use of art in design is always different. The company has an international cliental and specific cultural elements may come into play depending on the region in which they are working. A client in Caracas may have a completely different aesthetic than a Canadian client.

“Sometimes clients know exactly what they want and we collaborate with them,” Charette said, “and other times they need us to do full service.”

The company is poised to expand not only here in South Florida, but internationally as well. In addition to their design practice, the duo has ventured into manufacturing furniture lines.

Britto raved about Ornare and enjoys working with the Brazilian manufacturer. He reiterated on how the brand is about luxury.

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