Ornare Presents Design Talk

Jeffrey Thrasher

With Art Basel now underway, Brazilian closet and kitchen manufacturer Ornare hosted interior designer Jeffrey Thrasher of Thrasher Design Company for a conversation with SocialMiami.

Thrasher is no stranger to the art world. As a member of the Art Basel Junior Host Committee and a donor to the Perez Art Museum (PAMM), Thrasher has designed homes for serious art collectors, while developing a collection for himself.

Jeffrey Thrasher

Originally from Kentucky, Thrasher moved to Miami straight out of college in 1981. His first job was for an interior design firm on 40th street, ironically before the area was branded as the Design District. Five years later, Thrasher launched his own firm.

Since moving to Miami more than 30 years ago, Thrasher has seen the city evolve into a cultural hub. He recalls the Miami Art Museum being built and opening, and now that same museum has a new home and a new name. Joining the Perez Art Museum in the urban core is a new home and a new name for the Miami Science Museum (Frost Science Museum).

Thrasher also notes the evolution of our performing arts infrastructure, and this cultural landscape has paved the way for foreign investors to buy second and third homes in Miami. According to Thrasher, the new cultural institutions have brought Miami closer to being a world-class city, making the area more appealing to foreigners.

Thrasher describes the second and third homeowners who come to Miami as people who are looking for a place in the sun. Many of them can work from anywhere and are able to spend long periods of time in South Florida and can enjoy the weather and cultural institutions that we now have.

Some of Thrasher’s clients are professional collectors with blue chip collections. For these clients, Thrasher creates living environments that are more gallery-like. He recalled a job he did 20 years ago for one such collector that he updated three years ago. Not only had his client’s collection changed, but so did the technology and style of design, especially in aspects such as lighting.

Thrasher describes his own collection as growing. Some of his favorite pieces include Kenny Scharf, Shintaro Miyake and Jose Bedia.

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